evolution of internet

Evolution of Internet

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Some of the important years in the evolution of Internet are as follows: 1958: The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was created following an initiative by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. 1961: The principle of transmission of data in small portions or packets simplified the transfer of data within a computer network. 1965: The first wide-area […]

Evolution of IT

Evolution of Information Technology

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Evolution of Information Technology 1940s – 1950s: UNIVAC Computer On June 30, 1945, John Von Neumann published the First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC. It was the first documented discussion of the stored program concept and the blueprint for computer architecture. Further, in this period, it was a direct-access architecture with no operating system […]

Evolution Of Information System

Evolution of Information System Function

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An information system is a combination of processes, hardware, trained personnel, software, infrastructure and standards that are designed to create, modify, store, manage and distribute information to suggest new business strategies and new products. It leads to efficient work practices and effective communication to make better decisions in an organization. There has been a significant evolution […]

4 Key Terms in E-Business Explained

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Supply Chain Integration is a close alignment and coordination within a supply chain often with the use of shared management information system. Supply chain refers to all inputs required to produce a product and fulfill a purchase. It is an effective and efficient way to maximize customer service index. B integrating processes of different links […]

Difference between Disintermediation, Re-intermediation and Counter mediation

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Disintermediation means to remove intermediation from the supply chain. With the advent of internet based shopping in the 1990’s the term became the buzzword signifying the elimination of middlemen as a result of direct to consumer e-commerce methods and consumers dealing directly with service providers. The value of intermediaries varies and is influenced by factors […]