Experiences from Hack The Dot Hackathon

Experiences from Hack The Dot Hackathon

22nd February 2017 I took part in my first mini-hackathon and got runner-up prize by sharing my idea about how to hack love. The two-hour hackathon was called Hack the Dot run by Rightside. In those two hours, I worked with others to develop a creative, functional and fun project based on a domain name – Hack. Live.

After being there at the offices of Rightside on the scheduled start time, I got a bit of down time to eat pizza, drink some beer and get to know some participants. It was a community of like-minded people with varied skills right from coding students, marketers, designers and developers with all level of ability.

I joined students from IBAT college to create a fun product in such short amount of time.  The name of the domain, Hack.live, which served as the inspiration for our project. We just changed live to love because to live “all you need is love”. We wanted to create the coolest project we could have come up with.


Life changing things have happened to millions of people due to dating apps. However, dating at present is still based on looks and is a number game. The dating apps use primitive data such as age, place, mutual friends as well as mutual interests which are defined by what you like on Facebook.


In this golden age of behavioral research, it’s amazing what data we can use to figure out about how people think now. Part of the dating process is surely assessing someone’s tastes and an idea of fun.

For the Hackathon, we introduced shopping habits of a person as a new feature to find mutual connections. Shopping habits can tell a lot about the psychological makeup of a person. These habits can tell about their perspective, motives, rationales and actions.

User Journey

  1. A person takes a picture of their shopping.
  2. Hack Love will suggest someone who might be attracted to you down the street and free on a certain day to go out on the date.
  3. If the person likes the person suggested – Voila !!
  4. As Hack Love know you both like the same brands and shopping habits, the app suggests a band or a restaurant which it thinks you both might like.
  5. Would you like Hack Love to book tickets or reserve the table?
  6. And you have a match along with all the hassle of setting up a date.

How Hack Love makes money?

The goal of every retailer is to:

  1. Lure shoppers
  2. Make them stay in the store longer
  3. Influence their buying decisions
  4. Turn them into return customers

Hack Love collects data and an analysis of this data can help provide insight to the retailers. Also, it can charge a commission to restaurants as a booking fee.

My Experience

I really enjoyed building something fun and getting creative. Even though it was not yet the perfect project it was functional. It was a great feeling to create a project in such a short period of time. The atmosphere was great with some really funny casual conversations due to lack of any stress. The cool thing was the willingness to share ideas and working with others.

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