AES encryption

AES encryption web tool to encrypt and decrypt text using AES encryption algorithm. You can chose 128, 192 or 256-bit long key size for encryption and decryption. The result of the process is downloadable in a text file.  AES (acronym of Advanced Encryption Standard) is a symmetric encryption algorithm. The algorithm was developed by two Belgian cryptographer Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen. AES was designed to be efficient in both hardware and software, and supports a block length of 128 bits and key lengths of 128, 192, and 256 bits.


How to use AES encryption?

If you want to encrypt a text put it in the white text area above, set the key of the encryption then push the Encrypt button. The result of the encryption will appear in base64 encoded to prevent character encoding problems.

If you want to decrypt a text be sure it is in base64 encoded and is encrypted with AES algorithm!

Put the encrypted text in the white text area, set the key and push the Decrypt button.


When is helpful to use AES encryption?

When you want to encrypt a confidential text into a decryptable format, for example when you need to send sensitive data in e-mail. The decryption of the encrypted text it is possible only if you know the right password.


How secure is AES encryption algorithm?

AES encryption is used by U.S. for securing sensitive but unclassified material, so we can say it is enough secure.

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