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Benefits of collaborative work

Collaboration is at the heart of business today, Technology (IT) advancements now parallel organization structures. There is a flatter management structure with greater emphasis on teams, collaboration across disciplines, time and space. Technological tools for communication and interaction, problem-solving, and knowledge management and IT-based collaboration takes work to the next level. Collaboration changes the process by altering who can participate, how they participate and even the nature of the work itself.

Key Benefits

  • More efficient and cost-effective way to provide access to company information
  • New tools – Infrastructure for collaboration
  • Fostering a sense of belonging

Intranets or other enterprise-wide collaborative platforms evolving into very important enterprise structure

Corporate mission and values ;   Internal forms, rules, processes

Internal news (can be interactive – tools)

Intranets can provide the foundation for creating corporate culture and climate by giving a means for communication and creating communities


How the IS function can help to provide the right support

The IS Function can introduce the facilities and processes of Knowledge Asset Management (KAM) to aid decision support and collaboration. CIO’s job is to provide the technology to support online communities and collaboration

The use of technology to support decision making covers a variety of functions including

  • Alert, recommendation or decision making itself

IS managers must comprehend the opportunities and constraints of these technologies

  • Real-time data and real-time performance metrics
    • Focus on high value-added data & Identify key activities and performance indicators that are needed in real time
    • Technology readiness -Substantial computing resources Integrated and seamless system that is capable of selecting, filtering and compiling data to send them in real time to designated users on demand.

IT-based collaboration takes work to the next level

  • Changes the process by altering who can participate, how they participate and even the nature of the work itself
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