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Why public sector experience difficulties in developing an information systems strategy?

A public sector organisation is one whose ownership, funding and operation are by the government or one of its agencies (Broadbent and Guthrie, 2008; OECD, 2006) For example Irish Defence Forces, Education in the Republic of Ireland (Primary and Secondary Education), Garda Síochána, etc. According to Boardbent & Guthrie (2008), there are four key domains of the public sector: Central…

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Strategic Management
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Benefits and Challenges of Business IT/IS alignment

What business IT/IS alignment is There is no universal definition for IT/IS Alignment. It is the process that brings a degree of strategic intent and coordination to the business activities. Henderson and Venkatraman (1993) describe IT/IS alignment as the degree of ‘Fit’ or the ‘support’ to ensure the integration of IT into the business strategy by alignment between and within…

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