Hostelworld Challenge
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Exploratory Data Analysis for Hostelworld Challenge

I recently took part in a challenge by Hostelworld. The challenge proposed by Hostelworld is to build a recommendation engine for users. Recommendations can save Recommendations can save travellers valuable time, improve their hostel experience, and increase user retention. This challenge will use user information, reviews, and hostel details. This is a link for Exploratory Data Analysis for Hostelworld Challenge.…

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Spent last summer before graduation
Personal Stories

How I spent my last summer before graduation?

Will I be happy with the career path I choose after my graduation? Will I love or hate my career after spending 4 years in university? What can I do differently than an internship to showcase my potential to my future employers? These thoughts were troubling me as I sat my third-year examination at Trinity College Dublin in April 2016. I…

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