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Udacity Banana Navigation Project

Using a simplified version of the Unity Banana environment, the objective of the project ( Udacity Banana Navigation Project)  is to design an agent to navigate and collect bananas in a large, square world. A reward of +1 is provided for collecting a yellow banana, and a reward of -1 is provided for collecting a […]

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An Analysis of the Impact of EU Membership on the Economic Development of Ireland

Recent economic recession and Brexit has raised doubts about the EU membership among member nations. This paper analyzes the public data from World Bank to determine the impact to the economic development of Ireland since joining the EU on 1st January 1973. The paper shows that EU membership has a positive relationship with the development […]

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Brexit – InfoGraphic

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A Comparison between Cassandra and MySQL

Introduction Cassandra is a distributed, no single point of failure, continuously available and scalable. NoSQL database that manages a large amount of data across many data centres and cloud servers. It offers both operation simplicity and capacity to scale linearly. While MySQL is the world’s most popular, cost-effective, high-performance relational database(Kumar, 2016). It comes with a […]

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Effect on Facebook’s Stock Price after Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Recently, Facebook is in news almost daily for its inability to prevent Cambridge Analytica(CA) from gathering personal data from 87 million users. CA used the harvested data to profile users to predict voting patterns in 2016 US presidential elections. Some of the important dates for the event are: March 16, 2018: The news broke of […]

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Solutions to Support Real-Time Data Analytics

Organisations embracing big data use non-traditional strategies and technologies to gather, organize, process and gather insights from large datasets. These solutions do not support real-time analytics. Real-time analytics require technology to handle data that is generated at high velocity and send by the sources simultaneously in small sizes. Data is required to be processed sequentially […]

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Text Analytics in the Healthcare Industry: Data Warehousing and Applications

Abstract— Text analytics is the method of extracting information from text. It involves structuring the text to evaluate, discover patterns and interpret the output. It enhances meaning to data and finds nuggets of information from both transaction-based and decision support systems by removing the barrier between structured and unstructured data. Analysis of text data helps […]

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Analysis of winning numbers of Irish Lotto

This blog is an analysis of winning numbers of Irish Lotto from last two years. The National Lottery brought new initiatives from Thursday, September 3, 2015, with adding two numbers to the draw meaning players choose from 47 numbers rather than 45 numbers. With this change, the odds of picking the six winning numbers went from just […]