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Guide for Linear Regression using Python – Part 1

Regression is the first algorithm we need to master if we are aspiring to become a data scientist. It is one of the easiest algorithms to learn yet requires understanding and effort to get to┬áthe master it. In this blog is a guide for linear regression using Python. It will focus on linear and multiple […]

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Lessons Learnt from AIB Data Hack

Yesterday I attended AIB Data Hack. It was my first one-day data hackathon. This notebook contains some of the lessons learnt from AIB Data Hack while working on a complicated, large dataset and little time. I have taken part in few Kaggle Competitions. However, I have to say the experience in a single day or […]

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Modeling Women’s Health Risk Assessment

Women’s Health Risk Assessment is a multi-class classification competition for finding an optimized machine learning a solution that allows a young woman (age 15-30 years old) to be accurately categorized for their particular health risk. Based on the category a patient falls within, healthcare providers can offer appropriate education and training programs to help reduce […]