Using data and technology to create new opportunities and develop innovative solutions.

At an Irish unicorn startup, I was a Full-Stack Data Scientist. And at a Fortune 500 company, I was a Machine Learning Engineer.

My passion is solving problems to achieve business objectives. And I enjoy building relationships to help each other succeed.

I guide decision-making based on evidence with data-driven models and insights. I also help businesses achieve their goals, develop opportunities, and improve customer experiences.

I apply machine learning and statistical modeling techniques for fact-based solutions. And I work with multidisciplinary teams to build end-to-end pipelines and put my ideas into practice.

With a wide range of technologies available, I use what is appropriate for a given project. Through curiosity and a can-do attitude, I innovate in a variety of business and technical situations.

Continual improvement is the keystone of my approach. I develop my knowledge through education and keeping current with market trends. I am also able to learn new skills by applying theory to practice.

Happy to connect and collaborate.

Please write your comment down in the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Cormac

    Hello, I’m doing a school assignment and want to ask you some questions about your job and how I could become it in the potential future. It is only 8 questions so it wont take long and it would really help my project. Please contact me through email if you can help me. Thank you.

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