Challenges faced when updating the functions of Information Systems

The following are some of the challenges when updating the functions of information systems:


Employees resist change to new process methods. A general lack of user acceptance after System has gone live. Workforce receives inadequate education to operate the new system properly. The new system has a high learning curve beyond the capacity of employees.


Accurate capturing and storing data from multiple points need to be guaranteed. While transmitting data between various systems in an IS, gaps may occur leading to inconsistencies. Data theft and other data loss may occur if the data is not secured. Values from the legacy system with those on the new system are incorrect. Serious implementation issues from human errors of copying sales data. The data from the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) may become unmanageable and difficult to understand for an ill-trained user.


Inadequate and inconsistent requirements agreed upon at the planning phase of the IS design phase. There may be transaction problems while dealing with multiple systems or problems in accurate communication between diverse systems. After implementation, there may be inadequate ongoing support. Maintenance difficulties may occur on legacy systems and with external partner systems. Inability to handle multiple accesses to the system from varied geographical locations simultaneously.

Issues may occur in the security implementation and encryption of the data being transmitted. Inappropriate systems testing of volume, stress and data conversion may lead to failure to move over to the new system. User authorization such as password and user level clearance is not clearly defined. Temporary halt of work due to unavailability of systems.

Software Devices

Devices may result in problems of lack of expertise in staff which may lead to manhandling of the device. Connectivity issues may be there between devices such as PDAs and the main backend system. Proper maintenance activities need to be regularly carried out for each store location.

The legacy systems can lead to problems when the hardware vendor decides to upgrade its software.

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